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        Apply itself to Chinese-herb modernization work, Shaanxi Hopeland Chem-Tech Co., Ltd, is located in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone, mainly engages in distilling and separation of effective element from natural plants, as well as in researching, developing , manufacturing and marketing. Meanwhile, "Hopeland" also develops research and technology servings in the fields of pharmaceutical, food, health products and cosmetic, etc.

        With persistent innovation and a strong scientific research team, we have successfully manufactured pure and standard herbal extracts.

        Monomer: Naringin, Naringenin, Apigenin, Ursolic Acid, Icariin, Genistein, Matrine, Oxymatrine, Silymarin, Ginsengnoside, Soy Isoflavone, Podophyllotoxin, RubescensinA, Luteolin, Puerarin, Esculin, Isoliquiritigenin... ...

        Main Standard Extracts: Jujuba P.E., Saw Plametto Fruit P.E., St John Wort P.E., Epimedium P.E., Loquat leaf P.E., Siberian Gingseng P.E., Tangerine Seed P.E., etc.     >>>More

Ursolic Acid
[Appearance] White powder.
[Action and Uses] Ursolic acid treatment improves the health of skin and hair. Ursolic acid and its derivatives form oil-resistant barriers on the skin and hair, just as they form the waxy coating of fruits. Ursolic acid has been used to treat photoaged skin, because it inhibits the appearance of wrinkles and age spots by restoring the skins collagen bundle structures and elasticity.
Spine Date Seed P.E.

[Appearance]Brown fine powder.

[Action and Uses]Irritability, dryness of eye, dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess due to deficiency of liver-yin , it is often used with Rhizoma anemarrhenae, Poria, Rhizoma ligustici, chuanxiong, and Radix glycyrrhizae to nourish the liver, calm heart and tranquilize the mind. 

[Appearance] Miro-yellow powder.
[Action and Uses] A number of drugs that are known to be affected by the naringin in grapefruit include calcium channel blockers, estrogen, sedatives, medications for high blood pressure, allergies, AIDS, and cholesterol-lowering drugs. 
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